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Harnessing A.I.

Revolutionizing Video Production with the only fully integrated, automatic suite of tools for creating transcripts, captions and searching all that metadata.

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Our Customers!


Product Suite

G delivers a powerful and flexible way of editing transcripts, making your workflow more efficient. You can use our automated transcripts that harnesses artificial intelligence or import a file from a human transcription service. Every word has an associated timecode. As you edit the transcript, a basis for captions, subtitles and even a Paper Edit are being created which can then be handed off to your editor.


Premiere Pro

The Transcriptive plugin panel is fully integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro.  It is the only solution on the market that works seamlessly with Premiere! For easy collaboration, transcripts can be sent to and from Premiere.  Another incredible feature is creating a Paper Edit with Transcriptive, which can then be sent to Premiere to automatically assemble an edit based on all your paper cuts.  Just one of the many features that makes the Transcriptive product suite such a compelling editing solution!



Search is a feature our customers have asked for again and again.  We listened and are launching PowerSearch! It’s a panel in Premiere Pro that allows all of the metadata in your project to be searchable.  It functions like Google for your Premiere project. Any clip or sequence containing the search term is displayed in the results. Clicking on a result opens the clip or sequence to exactly the point where the term was spoken.  This saves time as it streamlines your workflow.

Powerful Features

Searchable, Efficient Workflow

Artificial Intelligence Enabled.

Digital Anarchy’s new product line is powered by Artificial Intelligence to deliver solutions that are smart, natural, and intuitive. With, A.I. enables linguistic support for over 30+ unique languages and natural language processing. Digital Anarchy is rapidly growing their A.I. partnerships to provide increasingly powerful solutions.

Powerful and easy to use. generates 95{6bdb8eaf2b190567534038e7eab1527a29e50dc1a4c8c669e763d94a003bd625} accurate transcripts with just a few actions. Simply upload your video or audio file onto the web platform. This turns all the dialog in your footage into metadata. The resulting transcripts can be edited and massaged to create text documents, closed caption, and subtitles. It’s a collaborative word processor for transcripts. It has never been easier to work with transcripts and link them to your video files.


ranscriptive empowers you to search all your video content. Find anything, anywhere. Regardless of whether you’re using A.I. generated transcripts or importing them from a human transcript service, everything is turned into metadata and becomes fully searchable. Click on any word and jump to where it’s spoken. The search functionality allows for organized archival and quick retrieval of past content. The PowerSearch panel brings Search to your entire Premiere project. Showing search results just like Google. Click on the result and instantly open that clip or sequence. It’ll transform the way you search and find video footage.

Collaboration. lets you work with other editors, producers, or clients. Change text, delete paragraphs, add notes and send transcripts from Premiere to and back again. As every word has timecode, you can create true Paper Edits. In Premiere an editor can take a Paper Edit created by a producer and automatically assemble a sequence based on it. You can assemble a 60 minute sequence in seconds. It’s a revolutionary product that brings real automation to video editing and will literally change the way you edit.

Transcription for many uses. was developed to work well with the fast growing video content market.  It is highly adaptable for documentaries, and news in the broadcast industry, promotional footage for large and small businesses, corporate videos for enterprise uses, class lectures in the online educational space, and journalists transcribing interview footage. It is an incredibly flexible solution for a wide variety of video and audio uses!

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