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PowerSearch is a powerful new search tool that integrates directly with Adobe Premiere Pro and opens as a panel. It gives you the power of a search engine right within Premiere. This intelligent search capability enables editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate sections of clips and sequences based on those keyword searches.

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Got 50 hours of footage and a producer who wants that ten second soundbite? PowerSearch will find it instantly.

We’ve all got more footage than we know what to do with. Searching all that footage in an entire Premiere Pro project can be daunting, as Premiere doesn’t have a ‘global’ search. If you’ve got this problem too, check out PowerSearch. It’s a search engine for Premiere Pro. It provides editors with a fast and efficient way to locate what was said in specific clips or sequences within a project. It eliminates the slow, tedious process of manually scrubbing through clips or sequences. Jumping you right to where the keyword was spoken. This significantly accelerates your editing and post production workflow by letting you find soundbites with lightning speed.

PowerSearch scours all the metadata in your project, giving you search results just like Google or Bing. Instead of linking to a website, PowerSearch links to the exact time in your video where the search term was spoken.

Search transcripts, markers, and more

This intelligent new search engine for Premiere enables editors to quickly scour an entire project for metadata and instantly locate specific parts of clips and sequences based on those keyword searches. While searching transcripts is the obvious use, it looks through everything in the Premiere Metadata panel, clip and sequence markers, caption files, transcripts from Transcriptive or other transcription services… if there’s text somewhere in your Premiere project, PowerSearch will find it!

When we say PowerSearch searches ALL your metadata, we mean it! It’s an improvement to Premiere’s Search function you HAVE to try out.

Fully integrated with Premiere Pro, So It Fits into YOUR Workflow


Being integrated with Premiere Pro allows us to leverage all the power of Premiere. That means PowerSearch search results will jump you to the exact time in your clip or sequence when you click on a search result. Truly a search engine for Premiere that takes their search function to a new level.

Works with Whatever Transcription Service You Use


Of course, we think Transcriptive is the best way to acquire A.I. or human transcripts, but if you’re using SimonSays, Trint, Dscript, Speedscriber or any of the other A.I. transcription services that export to Premiere by putting transcripts in the Speech Analysis metadata, markers, or a caption file… PowerSearch will work just great. Of course, regular transcription services like Rev, TranscribeMe, etc. work just great! (save out an SRT file) We don’t care where the transcript came from, we’ll find it and search it! It’s all metadata to us!


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